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Bureau of Statistics

Government department under the Ministry of Development Planning mandated to set up a system for national official statistics on economic, social, demographic, including human resources, and environmental areas in relation to the development needs of Lesotho; and official statistics for purposes of economic and social planning, research, public information and international cooperation, and for related matter.

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Key Indicators

  De Jure Population

LDS 2011

  Inflation rate June 2017 5.0%
  Unemployment 1st Quarter 2014/15 CMS 32.8%
  Literate (tested)

LDS 2011

  Infant mortality

LDS 2011

  Child mortality

LDS 2011

  Maternal mortality

LDS 2011

  Total Fertility Rate (TFR)

LDS 2011

  Life Expectancy at birth (For the total)

LDS 2011

  Life Expectancy at birth (Females)

LDS 2011

  Life Expectancy at birth (Males)

LDS 2011

  GDP growth rate 2014 NA 3.6%
  GNI per capita at constant prices (2004=100) 2013 NA M 7 614 
  GDP per capita at constant prices (2004=100) 2014 NA M 6 505
  GDP at constant prices (2004=100) 2014 NA M 12 474 million
  Food Poverty Line 2010/11 HBS M 138.90
  Poverty Line 2010/11 HBS M 246.60

  Crop Forecasting 2013/14                      

Maize Sorghum Wheat
  Yield per hectare for 2013/14 0.59 0.21 0.88
  Area Planted (ha) for 2013/14 145,665 24,121 14,292
  Production (mt) for 2013/14 (Forecast) 85,774 5,170 12,582


  Release Schedule for 2015/16
This release schedule indicates the statistical publications that are planned to be released for 2015/16.
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    Lesotho National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)

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